Trägst Du Deinen Körper steht Dir alles was Du trägst

trägst Du Deinen 


     steht Dir alles,

                            was Du


           trägst Du Deinen 

Körper, steht Dir alles 

                    was Du trägst3



Concept and materiality* merge. 

Developing solitaires and small series.

Nmd Lyrs

Innr Lyrs - shirts, dresses etc.

Outr Lyrs - pants, coats, capes etc.

Add - chains, scarfs, belts etc.

Thm and Essay - work out single ideas



NMD LYRS is the sub label of SIEBEN SCHWESTERN.

The beauty and implicitness of archaic garment especially from Asia have been the catalyst.

NMD LYRS is about inner layers, outer layers, additional layers. This is the basic structure. 

No fashion, no season, only basic series and solitaires. Material is the fundament and then trying to omit.


Conceptional, and a more intense elaboration find their place in THM (themes) and ESSAY.

Kimono Reworked

Kimono Adaption

Interpretation of antique kimono categories.

KK - Kimonodress 

KJ - Kimono Jacket 

KMK - Kimono Coatdress 

KJM - Kimono Coat 



It is most likely that kimono underwent alterations for as long as they existed. The approach of SIEBEN SCHWESTERN is similar to the concept of "Found footage" by Video Art which created new works based on the already existing video material by altering them through interventions such as Loops and alike. The „Kimono reworked“ are made in a similar manner.


o Cha

Tea Garden

A place for tea with a selection of personal favored teas and tea things.

Now and then having a tea tasting.


To come:

Furniture & metal objects

Daybed, tables, tee boat, chairs, sideboards, paravents.

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nomad layers theme
draft of a dress
silk satin openback dress
skirt nomad layers
skirt nomad layers
Kimono Reworked - kimono juban coat
open back dress butoh catwalk
nomad layers add jewelry chains
rosenhag - the inside series - fine wool cloth
steel cup with gold and silver pattern on rust

* wool. hemp, silk. metal, spinels, nettle, cotton, wood, porcelain, satin, batiste, twill, blue, stone, dark, emerald, raw, linen, dyed, crepe, iron, oolong, copper, chiffon, brass, rust, light, wholes, black, water, broken, tsumugi, cuts, granite, juban, rotten, steam, marmor, smoke, earth, georgette, tomesode, sent, glas, light, woven, silver, clay, pearl, chains, oak, fire, coal, tea, komon, embroidery, paper, strings, jersey, gold, roses, steel, merino, white …